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I love trying different restaurants and eating all kinds of food, until i got a physical from my doctor. The exam showed me i was
over-weighted and high blood pressure. So i had to change my life if i wanted to be on this earth many more years from now.
So I needed to get back in shape. My journey started with trying to eat healthier. I wasn’t sure what to eat? So i contacted
La Dawn I know she always exercising, going to the gym and snacking on somethings she made at home….I asked her for
some help. She recommended that i read Forks over Knives. I went on Amazon and order the book, It was a great book with lots
of information and easy recipes i could follow. So i tried a few different things not knowing what some of the seasonings and
ingredients to use and where to buy them? So here I go again La Dawn? So she sat me down and went over each thing with
me and showed how to combine and mix ingredients in my meals I was preparing. Most things was done on the stove top with
no oil ( she’s a big advocate of not using oil ) After we cook them everything look nice and very delicious. I couldn’t believe
how good the food taste and I was eating healthy clean food. So I got excited and research for more recipes. In my mind, i
didn’t think the food was going to be so good, So that how i started! Now i prepare my meals every week. Initially I spent a
lot of time prepping my veggies…This become easier with time. I remember at first I was skeptical about the whole thing but
La Dawn is knowledgeable about the do’s and don’t with what should go in my meal and the way to prepare them. The
whole food plant-base diet become very easy for me. During my early food story with plant-base foods I notice the cravings
for junk food had went away, plus I felt so much better with high energy. It’s been 5 years and counting I have adopted a
plant-based diet lost 40 pounds without even doing much exercise I did include moderate to vigorous exercise 3 days a week
( which La Dawn suggested ) it made a big difference. There are so much delicious tasty plant-based food to choose from…
La Dawn showed me how to read labels at the market when i go shopping for food and it was helpful picking the right things
for me and i also drink plenty of water and occasional tea. It’s been great for me, I am in great health with lots of energy to
do whatever life gives me. I really have to give credit to La Dawn for her help! As i said earlier i was very skeptical about
this new way of eating but I am really glad i did switch to a plant-based diet and will continue this lifestyle for the
rest of my life!

Thanks La Dawn

Bobby Davis

La Dawn is such a great health and wellness advocate!!! Not only is she
Knowledgeable and extremely helpful about people’s overall health,
she lives it and she believes it!!! La Dawn is the example of health and wellness.
She has successfully concurred her own weight issues and has made it a
complete lifestyle! She has been instrumental in my weight loss journey
and has extended her knowledge, dedication and patience to help me be just
as successful and make health and wellness a complete lifestyle just as she
has!!! I love how she has changed her life and all of the positive things that
have come along with her amazingly new lifestyle changes!! She has transformed
into a better overall health and wellness advocate! I’m so glad to have her with
me on my health and wellness weight loss journey because i know with her I will
surely succeed!!!

Traynese Payne