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Why moms neglect their health care

Mothers are truly amazing, are they not? Simply saying that they are the backbone of a family would be an understatement. Mothers have the ability to understand what each member of their families require in order to feel loved, nurtured and complete. Since the first days of motherhood, mothers take great interest and quickly learn [...]

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How to Control Stress and Anxiety with Food.

How stress mounts up when you are busy Stress- related illnesses such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are rapidly reaching epidemic proportions. Stress can build up in a busy lifestyle when you are not prepared for a looming deadline, have a never-ending-to-do list, have anxious feelings that there is something you have [...]

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10 Tips for Losing weight and feeling great

When trying to lose weight and maintain it, oftentimes the hardest part is working through binge eating, emotional eating and food cravings. Your relationship with food is a lifelong one, and one that can't be avoided, so it's important to maintain a healthy one. Not one that causes you stress, frustration and weight gain. At [...]

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Foods with high amounts of hidden sugar

Sugar is the real culprit For many years people have been led to believe that saturated fat is the main cause of heart disease. However new studies have revealed that saturated fat is far less harmful than sugar. It is no surprise that chocolates, fizzy drinks, sweets and cakes are loaded with added sugar. But [...]

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How Flexible are you?

Why is flexibility so important? There are many reasons why having a flexible body is vital to our health and well-being. Good flexibility can improve athletic performance in physical activities, and cut down the risk of injuries. Flexibility also help to prevent everyday injuries such as muscle strains that may occur when you are getting [...]

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The Importance of Good Gut Health

Where is your gut? The mouth is actually the first part of the gut. When we eat food, it pasts down the gullet into the stomach and then into the small intestine. The small intestine is where food is digested and absorbed by the bloodstream. After that it proceeds into the large intestine, also known [...]

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