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Hi there! My name is La Dawn, and I created this website so I could share my passion for helping others succeed on whole foods plant base lifestyle. My goal is to help you transition to a healthy whole foods, plant base diet without calorie restriction, weighing food or deprivation. If you want to experience radiant health, better digestion, weight loss, and the abundant energy that comes from adopting a plant base diet, I can help you. I love what I do and truly believe it is my life purpose to help others become healthier, happier and ultimately become the best version of themselves.

For many years ( 10 years to be exact ) I struggled with various issues around my own health and weight. I suffered from clear kin, low energy, hormonal imbalance, body image issues, digestion issues, unhealthy obsession with food and weight loss. On my journey to better health I tried various diets, from weight loss supplements, diet frozen processed meals weight loss clinics, weight loss shakes, just to name a few. Unfortunately, none of those diets helped me. In fact some to them actually made me feel worse

It wasn’t until I discovered the high carb, low fat, whole food, plant base diet that my body finally began to heal itself from a lifetime of unintentional abuse.

Thanks to this lifestyle I now have better digestion, my skin is glowing, my hormonals are balanced, my energy levels are much higher, and I experience complete mental clarity. It has also taught me to have a healthier relationship with food I eat and never deprive or restrict myself. As I continue my health and wellness lifestyle not only have I dropped a incredible amount of weight, inches, and body fat and am keeping it off, but I am also eating to help protect me self against many disease, infections, and pre-mature aging, helping prevent diabetes, stoke, heart disease and so much more. I now aspire to educate and help others succeed on the same lifestyle that helped myself and countless others.